One of the great benefits of the Bedford Garden Club is our presentations. We hold monthly meetings with a great variety of guest speakers who speak on a plethora of topics related to perennial, annual and vegetable gardening; trees; fruits and berries; flower arranging and wreath creation; cooking and more. In addition, we conduct special workshops, many of them hands-on, and also hold field trips to visit wonderful gardens, public and private.

Our monthly meetings are held from September through May, normally on the second Tuesday morning of the month. Social hour starts at 9:30 a.m. and the meetings begin at 10:00 a.m. The ending time varies, but we are normally finished by 11:30 a.m. Exceptions are noted below.

Annual Meeting and Luncheon

Tuesday 12:00 PM, May 14, 2019
Double Tree, Bedford

Geranium Sale

Saturday, May 11, 2019
10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Bedford DPW

Programs You Have Missed

The Natural World of Winnie-the-Pooh

Tuesday, September 11, 2018
6:30 p.m. Dessert, Meeting and Presentation
The First Parish Unitarian Church
Presenter: Kathryn Aalto
Hostess: Dorothy Africa
Bakers: Pat McCleave, Cheryl Miksensas
Centerpiece: Claire Austin-White

Kathryn Aalto grew up in California in a family with strong agrarian roots. She has formal degrees in English, a Diploma in Garden Design and an MA in Garden History. She has been resident in Exeter, England for the last decade. While living in England she has become steeped in its system of public foot paths and landscapes. She is engaged in both garden design and landscape history, and teaches English and creative writing. In her garden design work she is especially concerned with designing natural/wild playgrounds for children, and therapeutic gardens for medical institutions.

Given her interests, it is hardly surprising that she would have been attracted to the characters and landscapes of A.A. Milne’s Pooh stories as set in the Hundred Acre Woods. Ashton Forest, the actual landscape behind the Hundred Acre Woods, is a nature reserve area frequented by Milne and his family. She is the author of several books that attract readers who love Pooh and the unique character of this iconic English landscape.

Bedford Day

Saturday, September 22, 2018
10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

How to Build a Rustic Trellis

Tuesday 9:30 AM, October 9, 2018
First Church of Christ, Congregational
Presenter: Frank Hamm
Hostess: Lisa DiSanzo
Bakers: Nancy Bilafer, Evelyn Rice
Centerpiece: Christine Johnson

Frank Hamm has been building rustic furnishings and garden structures for more than 30 years. He has won numerous awards for his work and he has been featured on TV, in magazines and in newspapers.

Frank has taught workshops and given demonstrations for the Massachusetts Horticultural Society at Elm Bank. He has demonstrated at Tower Hill Botanic Gardens, the Boston Flower Show, DeCordova Museum, Danforth Museum of Art, Boston Center for Adult Education, plus many garden clubs. He will show us how to build a rustic garden trellis using natural materials that would blend into the surroundings of anyone’s garden. The piece will be donated to the Garden Club.

Kevin Gardner enjoys a sunlit moment, leaning against a sturdy double-faced stone wall.

New England Stone Walls

Tuesday 6:30 PM, November 13, 2018
Bedford Public Library
Presenter: Kevin Gardner
Hostess: Sue Giurleo
Bakers: Bridget Clayton, Jeannette Pothier
Centerpiece: Judy Storer

In fields and on farms, along country roads, in woods and even in suburban developments – stone walls are everywhere in our famous New England landscape. Kevin Gardner will talk about these unique New England structures. He will address how and why New England came to acquire these walls, the way in which they and other dry stone structures were built, how their styles emerged and changed over time, and their significance to our unique landscape.

Kevin has been a stone wall builder for over 40 years. He is a writer and producer for New Hampshire Public Radio, and also an actor, director and teacher of theater. During the program, he will build a miniature wall or walls on a tabletop using stones from a five gallon bucket.

Annual Holiday Party

Tuesday, 12:00 PM, December 11, 2018
Colonial Inn of Concord

DIY Flower Arrangement

Tuesday, 9:30 AM, January 8, 2019
Bedford Public Library
Presenter: Gladys Drohan
Hostess: Gladys Drohan
Bakers: Joan-Marie Freni, Jeannette Pothier

It’s time to put away Christmas – and move on to something new. This workshop is all about our members creating their own floral arrangement.
You don’t need to know anything – Gladys will direct the fun and guide you through the process.

Each member will be given a container. They are all different and about the same size. The materials for the live bouquets will be the same for everyone although each arrangement will be different. Let’s go and create. Take it home and add a bright spot to your table.

There will be a small fee. Please watch the newsletter for more details.

Drinkable Art

Tuesday, 9:30 AM, February 12, 2019
Bedford Public LibraryPresenter: Sherry Hoffman
Hostess: Jane Button
Bakers: Melinda Dietrich, Cheryl Miksenses
Centerpiece: Marion Connarton

Sherry Hoffman grew up as the eldest of 4 children in a wonderful community on the ocean north of Boston. She knew from a very young age that making ART always brought a smile to her face. She is an artist with a diverse range of talents, painting, mixed medium, crafting, quilting and illustration. She loves being a teacher of art for children and adults in various mediums, her latest being illustrations. She is currently in the process of illustrating three children’s books.

It is her belief that the beauty and joy of art is in the act of creating; and that everyone young and old has this ability inside them. Sherry looks forward to working with you as your creations come to life.

Cost is $10.00 for supplies. If you do not wish to paint, you are still welcome to come to this meeting.

A Spiritual Garden

Tuesday, 9:30 AM, March 12, 2019
First Church of Christ, Congregational
Presenters: Mary Fontes
Hostess: Evelyn Rice
Bakers: Claire Austin-White, Mary Brady
Centerpiece: Christine Johnston

Mary Fontes is a registered nurse, a master gardener, and teacher of Reiki Therapy. Most of us need a special place to relax, contemplate, meditate or just to be. This space should give us peace and quiet that we may not always be able to grasp in other locations. It can be in our home or garden, special room or elsewhere in nature.
A spiritual garden is a special place for one to feel less stressed and a unique setting created by you for you! At this meeting Mary will explain the joys and the calming effects this type of gardening has to offer.

Many club members visited her home in the summer of 2018 and were delighted with her gardens. It will be fun to follow up with her.

A beautiful border, courtesy of the Cape Cod Hydrangea Society

Hip, Hip, Hydrangea

Tuesday, 9:30 AM, April 9, 2019
Bedford Public Library
Presenter: Andi Ross
Hostess: Julie Turner
Bakers: Chris McGovern, Ruth Beauchesne
Centerpiece: Kaye Spofford

Andi Ross began her learning about horticulture by joining a garden club many years ago. She quickly “got the bug” and started looking for more to learn. She became a Massachusetts Master Gardener, studied Landscape Design and Garden Maintenance and attended Harvard Landscape Institute. She developed an artistic and ecological friendly garden landscape design business called “It’s Nature’s Way”

Hydrangeas are our secret weapon here in New England to insure drama and romance in our gardens from spring to late fall. Andi demystifies the multitude of available cultivars, into categories of sizes, colors, bloom shape, pruning needs and cultural conditions.

Her presentation will start with clear instructions for identifying the hydrangea you have. Followed by a complete exploration into insuring the best care of the ones you already have or may be purchasing. Best care includes locating, planting, pruning each type, color management, watering, cutting and preserving. She will take us on a visual journey coving the 7 species of zone hardy hydrangeas that are available in New England.