A few words about us


Our Officers are: Sandy Baker, Treasurer; Lisa Di Sanzo, President; Bobbie Ennis, Vice-President; Barbara O’Neil and Melinda Dietrich, Co-Secretaries.

The purpose of our club is to stimulate among amateurs the knowledge and love of gardening, the protection of native trees and plants, and encouragement of civic planting.

We were founded on September 25, 1956 and federated in the spring of 2001. We are in the Middlesex District of the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts, Inc.

Mission Statement

1. To learn the best horticultural practices to use in our own gardens and in the civic flower and herb gardens we tend.
2. To increase our recognition of cultivated and wild flowers, plants and trees and to foster public conservation of them.
3. To help Bedford residents who are present or past secondary school graduates with an interest in horticulture, environmental sciences, or the like to pursue such a discipline through our scholarship fund or through the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts, Inc. scholarship(s).

Club Goals

The club will be able to achieve its mission if members are willing to serve as officers, attend meetings, participate in civic projects, join committees that implement the club’s goals, educate themselves and others about current horticultural practices and work harmoniously together. The following are some of our specific goals:

  • To participate fully in the working nature of the club by taking part in one or more civic projects, such as establishing and maintaining plantings at the Bedford Free Public Library, the herb garden at the Job Lane Farm Museum, the town’s traffic islands and corners, and the daylily bed at the town’s well site.
  • To volunteer for and support the club’s activities on Bedford Day and the Geranium Sale and any approved ad hoc fundraisers.
  • To reach positively to worthwhile gardening-related requests by other civic organizations and contribute time, labor and materials.
  • To internalize the horticultural information gained by attending our educational program and to apply it in our own gardens and those we tend for others.
  • To educate the young by giving an Arbor Day tree and relevant information to all first-graders in the Bedford School System.
  • To keep our brochure and website current, to promote public use of the site, and to alert the media to club activities and goals.
  • To cooperate with the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts, Inc., by aligning club policies and procedures with the Federation guidelines, attending Federation events and applying for Federation grants and awards when appropriated.